PDepp Webserver Manual

User and Administrator Manual

Christian Hoenig

Gunter Ohrner

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This series of PDEPP Webserver releases is dedicated to Douglas Adams, author of marvellous science fiction parodies like "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy", who was born in 1952 and died much too young in 2001.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
License & Disclaimer
About PDepp
Key Features From The Administrator's / User's Point Of View
2. Building And Installing
Getting The Sources
Getting Source Tarballs
Getting Sources From CVS
Building The PDEPP Webserver
Testing The PDEPP Webserver
I. Configuring And Invoking
pdeppd pre 0.3.1 (Heart Of Gold) — a simple HTTP server (PDEPP Webserver)
deppmark pre 0.1 — a simple threaded HTTP benchmark
pdepp.conf — configuration file of the PDEPP Webserver (pdeppd(8))
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