pdeppd pre 0.3.1 (Heart Of Gold)


pdeppd -- a simple HTTP server (PDEPP Webserver)



pdeppd [−c file] [−−configfile file] [−h] [−−help]
[−l file] [−−logfile file] [−p N] [−−port N] [−s N] [−−sendbuffer N]
[−v] [−−version] rootdir


The PDepp Webserver is a simple, small and fast webserver supporting a subset of HTTP 1.0.

Important: The "long options" (starting with two hyphens) are only accepted on systems offering the getopt_long library function. To check whether your pdeppd binary has support for long options build in, simply call pdeppd −h. The PDepp Webserver will show terse usage information which will include information on the long options if and only if it is supported.


−c file, −−configfile file

Specifies the configuration file the server reads while starting. A configuration file allows you to predefine anything you can specify on the command line and some additional things not configurable otherwise. Settings in the configuration file will be overridden by equivalent settings given as command line parameters.

−h, −−help

Displays terse usage information.

−l file, −−logfile file

Specifies the primary log file. The primary logfile given in the configuration file will be overwritten. Any additional log files specified in the configuration file cannot be altered via the command line.

−p N, −−port N

Specifies the TCP port the PDepp Webserver should listen on.

−s N, −−sendbuffer N

The PDepp Webserver will allocate a buffer of N bytes for every active connection that will be used for queueing data which has to be send to the client. This parameter does not affect the size of the fixed-size receive-data buffer every connection has.

−v, −−version

Prints the binary's version number and exits.