This is a log of changes to the 0.x "Douglas Adams" Series of PDEPP Webserver releases.

0.3.1 Heart Of Gold

  • added deppmark, a simple, threaded HTTP benchmark

  • many bug fixes and stability enhancements for the server:

    • added a configurable maximum number of concurrent connections

    • added a configurable time out value for idle connections

    • fixed "freezing connections" if a signal was sent to the server

  • lots of speed enhancements in the server

0.3 Gargle Blaster

  • a user manual

  • extended the Programmer's Reference Manual

  • changed the build system to use different locations for the object files depending on the platform compiled for

  • second phase of the logging subsystem redesign:

    1. now all messages logged can have a more or less freely configurable format depending on their source and severity

    2. up to 1000 log files with different settings can be configured

  • fixed a few segfaults and other major bugs

  • added this ChangeLog

pre0.3 (unreleased)

  • signal handlers for some important signals so the server now quits if it should and stays running if not

  • configurable MIME type support

  • if requested, drop previleges after binding the server socket

  • initial redesign of the logging subsystem to allow multiple logfiles and non-static message strings

  • added support for the If-Modified-Since: HTTP header field which was forgotten in 0.2 I.D.

0.2 Improbability Drive

  • a (nearly) arbitrary number of concurrent connections

  • HTTP parser supporting a subset of HTTP 1.0

  • a data request backend able to provide static files (eg. web files and images)to the server

  • configuration file support

0.1 Vogon

  • initial release

  • waits for a client to connect to a configurable port and to send a line, answers with a static line and quits

  • the basic logging subsystem is in place, the PDEPP Webserver logs all important events to a configurable file, supports a disctinction between different message sources and severity levels