deppmark pre 0.1


deppmark -- a simple threaded HTTP benchmark



deppmark [−d N] [−−delay N] [−f file] [−−file file] [−h] [−−help]
[−H hostname] [−−host hostname] [−p N] [−−port N] [−r N] [−−repetitions N] [−u N] [−−users N] [−v] [−−version]


deppmark, part of the PDEPP Webserver package, is a tiny threaded HTTP web server benchmark. You can specify the number of concurrent virtual users (clients) that should connect, a list of files they should grab, a pause between each request and how often each client should repeat this process.

Important: The "long options" (starting with two hyphens) are only accepted on systems offering the getopt_long library function. To check whether your deppmark binary has support for long options build in, simply call deppmark −h. deppmark will show terse usage information which will include information on the long options if and only if it is supported.


−d N, −−delay N

Sets the delay between successive queries of each virtual client in 1/10th of a second. Defaults to "1".

−f file, −−file file

Specifies a text file containing a list of files each virtual client should grab. Each line of file must contain the path/filename of one file to grab and must start with a slash "/". This parameter has no default value.

−h, −−help

Displays terse usage information.

−H hostname, −−host hostname

The host to benchmark.

−p N, −−port N

Specifies the TCP port deppmark should connect to.

−r N, −−repetitions N

The number of times each client should request each file in the list.

−u N, −−users N

The number of concurrent virtual users (clients) which should issue requests to the server.

−v, −−version

Prints the binary's version number and exits.