Building The PDEPP Webserver

PDEPP Webserver uses GNU automake and autoconf so building the server should be pretty straightforward. However you'll currently need automake and autoconf installed to initialize the build system.

Change to the pdeppd toplevel directory and execute the following commands:

This should generate some configuration files, run automake and autoconf, automatically configure the package for your system and build the executable. It will be placed in the obj.platform directory of the package's top level directory where platform is "linux", "solaris" or the fully canonicalized target host triplet cpu-company-system.

Additionally a link to the binary will be placed in the src subdirectory of the package's to level directory which is called pdepp.* where * is the fully canonicalized target host name.


DO NOT make install as it will probably not work!

Tip: configure offers a bunch of parameters you may want to use to fine tune the build process. This way you can enable optimizations (--enable-final), disable debugging code and assertions (--disable-debug) and similar.

Enter ./configure --help to get a list of valid configure-parameters.

The configure script has only been tested on Linux and BSD based (FreeBSD, Solaris, MacOSX) systems so far so you might encounter minor problems with other OSes.

Note: To build PDEPP Webserver on MacOS X, call ./configure --host=ppc-apple-bsd. This tells configure - which currently cannot recognize MaxOS X - that you want to compile for a BSD variant on the PowerPC platform. PDEPP Webserver builds but does not link on MacOS X due to missing library functions.